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Our core business is in Scrap Trading & Melting of Stainless Steel since 2011 in product form of Ingots & re-rolling hot rolled bars in various shapes such as Rounds, RCS, Hexagons, Squares, Angles & Flats. As company has planned to go in for forward integration to produce finished products like Bright Bars in various shapes such as Rounds, Hexagons, Squares, Rectangles, Angle & Flats to consume their own raw material & cater the growing International & domestic demand for finished products.

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Our Quality

At Maruti Inox India Pvt Ltd quality is the top most priority in the organization right from raw material , in process production , final inspection & also qualified vendors for supply of spares and consumables which supports the final outcome of the product. Our aim is to consistently satisfy customer by manufacturing and supplying quality products as per the customer requirements.

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Our Packing

All the material produced will be packed in high density polythene sheets to preserve the material in handling, storage and during transit. Bundle weight will be 500 to 1000 kgs with strapping by signode strap.

We have following facility of packing based on final terms of order confirmed :

Tubing :

Each bars packed in plastic tubing to avoid surface scratching & damages during transit.

Plastic / Rubber O Ring :

Bars are individually packed with O rings on different locations to avoid rubbing & scratching of bars. This can be done for sizes above 20 mm.

Lifting Belts :

All bundles are provided with two lifting belts for 1000 kgs bundles to facilate customers during unloading the same at destination.

Box Packaging :

We can offer box packing in different length & weights as per the order requirement.